What are Whiskey Stones?

Whiskey Stones are little cubes of Marble that you put in your freezer and use instead of ice to chill your drink. These stones can be reused time and time again, just wash and freeze again in their box. The main benefit of using whiskey stones is that they will not increase the dilution of your drink as they do not melt, preserving the original flavour notes.

What Drinks can I put Whiskey Stones in?

 You can use the stones on all types of whiskey and other spirits.  Whiskey Stones are best used by those who want to chill their drink into the 4° to 15°C (40° to 60°F) range, which is considered by the master distillers we spoke to as the ideal temperature range for drinking whiskey.

How long do I freeze Whiskey Stones before use?

Simply put your Whiskey Stones in your freezer for two to three hours and then add three or four to your drink

DO I Put Whiskey Stones in the Freezer?

Yep, you sure do! Just pop them in the freezer for a couple of hours and use just like ice. You can either take them out of the box and put in a freezer bag or leave them in the box. Tip - we leave the lid open a wee bit so that it is easy to open it when you need them.

Do You sell gift sets?

Oh yes! We have a lovely selection of whiskey gift sets. Click the link below to see what we have to offer

Is it Whiskey or Whisky?

This is an age old discussion which has no definitive answer but can read our blog post to get more clarity here