MAmmy's Day Bundle

Mother's Day is on the 14th March. Treat your Mammy (or anyone else!) with this gorgeous bundle - a set of Aunt Gillie Gin Stones, a mini bottle of award-winning Dingle Gin (50ml), a delicious can of Fevertree Tonic Water, two retro bars of Cleeves Chocolate and some yummy botanicals (dried orange slices and juniper berries) to top it all off.

PERSonalise it!

Any name, any place...we can do it for you!

Cool your drinks with zero dilution

Our Chilling Stones are guaranteed not to melt. Funny that. Must be because they are made of Marble!

Works in All Drinks

Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Rum ....Whatever drink you would like to cool.

We love them in Iced Coffee!

Easy to Use, Easy to clean

Just pop in the freezer for a few hours and use in your drink instead of ice. Simply wash, pat dry and pop back in the freezer