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Father Jack's Whiskey Stones

Set of 8 chilling stones with Father Jack's favourite words engraved on the stones


Father Jack Gift Set

The ultimate whiskey stone gift set for Father Ted fans. A set of Father Jack whiskey stones, 4 Father Jack coasters and a Feck Hip flask all bundled up especially for someone you love!


Aunt Gillie's Gin Stones

Set of 8 Gin stones in a gorgeous wooden box with unique Aunt Gillie design on the lid


About the Irish Whiskey Stone Company

The Irish Whiskey Stone Company is based in Kinvara, Co., Galway in the West of Ireland and is a one-woman operation run by Maeve Kelly, a Dubliner who settled in Galway over 25 years ago.  Maeve came across the idea of Whiskey Stones while travelling around the world with her daughter and thought it was brilliant! She set up the Irish Whiskey Stone Company in late 2019 when she returned and has since expanded the product range to many other things including Engraved Drink Coasters and Unique Whiskey T-Shirts.
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Our whiskey stones put  a whole new meaning to "whiskey on the rocks"

Just pop in the freezer for a couple of hours and then use instead of Ice.

You will never need to use ice again and can appreciate the undiluted flavour of your drink.

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Featuring a Bottle-Shaped Word Cloud of the Distilleries of  Ireland

100% high Quality Cotton
Printed in Galway, Ireland
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