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The Irish Whiskey Stone Company is based in Kinvara in County Galway. We are a small business that started out originally on Galway Market but took our business online when restrictions were put on businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. We now have a lovely website from which we sell our Whiskey Stones, which are little cubes made from marble that you put in the freezer and then use instead of ice in your drink. The stones can be reused time and time again, just wash and freeze again in their box. The main benefit of using whiskey stones is that they will not increase the dilution of your drink as they do not melt, preserving the original flavour notes. They also work very well with Gin or other spirits.

We have a selection of boxes with different from Irish Placename lids to our very popular Father Jack boxes. We can also personalise the lids to make your gift extra special and we have a lovely selection of gift sets that can include whiskey, gin, chocolates and garnishes.

 So here we are! Thanks for joining us here. Have a look around, we're sure you'll find something you like and definitely something that will make you smile